4 Myths Of Pest Control

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No one would ever love to have pests in their home. That’s the reason many people try various remedies or methods to remove these pests. They get to know that pests have invaded their house. Many pests bring bad effects which are kind of noticeable. But some pests invade so silently that no one gets to know or identify their infestation for months. At last it leads to a major loss to their property. 

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

In this article we discuss some myths of pest control and also how can you remove pests:-

  1. Mice love Cheese: From old times, in various cartoons, it has been depicted that mice love cheese. It is not a total or complete truth. It has been found in a study that mice are actually to the foods. They have sugar, so foods like peanut butter, and sugar. You can use these foods to attract mice or trap them in a mousetrap. There is also an alternative to using these foods like you can use feathers or stare with the foods to make the mousetrap look like a nest which will attract the mice more.
  2. Bed bugs love to live in dirty areas: Well, that’s not true, even if you keep your bed clean still the bed bugs will infest. As they are not attracted to dirty beds. They are blood-sucking animals, so their main attraction is blood. The myth of pest control includes these rumors of bed bugs too that bed bugs are very likely to stay in dirty places. No, they don’t, they stay but not like they are any kind of attracted to dirty places. Even if you keep places dirty it will be harder to find those tiny nasty creatures.
  3. Cats will keep rats and mice away from your home: It is one of the most popular myths of natural pest control that cats are the enemies of mice or rats. If you have a cat in your home expecting that your cat will catch all the mice nearby your property. Then, we are sorry for you, it’s a false belief of yours. Though you must have seen cats chasing mice or rats in many films or cartoons it is not true. They catch them when they feel playful and mice stay at hard-to-reach places. So, it’s better if you don’t rely on your cat but rather hire a professional for home pest control.
  4. Use of ultrasonic repellents to get rid of pests: Many people use ultrasonic repellents to get rid of pests but unfortunately. It is not a permanent solution, and also with time the pests get habituated to this sound. So, it won’t work. Instead hire a professional for wasp removal services, they will ensure to remove all the pests from your house.


These are the 4 myths of pest control, you should not rely on or use these methods when it comes to removing pests from your home. Instead, call a professional for local pest control companies in Canberra, they will help you to get rid of pests permanently. Many local pest companies offer a good service at a cheap cost, so, check them and hire the best one for you.