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Fleas can create real ruckus inside the house. From infesting your pet to posing a potential health hazard to your kids, fleas are the real troublemakers, especially in the summer season when they get more surface area to flourish.

The primary carrier of fleas is pet animals which normally wander in the yard or other outdoor areas of the house and come back infested with fleas. Hence, apart from keeping a close watch on your pet, it is important to keep outdoor areas including yard, porch and driveway clean and decluttered. A decluttered place will provide lesser opportunities for fleas to breed and flourish.

Fleas have various stages in their lifecycle including egg, larvae and adult. It is important to kill the fleas at their first and second stage to prevent further breeding.

Flea Control Service
Flea Control Service

Try These Tips to Flea Control Easily.

  • Regular Vacuuming: –

    Regular vacuuming of the place is absolutely essential to keep fleas at bay. Vacuum carpets, upholstery, hidden corner and floors, sofas, rugs, curtains, mattresses and beloved belongings of your pet to keep fleas in check. 
    If you find too much flea infestation, then you can spread salt all over the surface and spread it through broom in all corners of the room or house. Let the salt stay for 1 or 2 days and then vacuum the entire place again to achieve better flea infestation control results. You can also sprinkle boric acid all over the place and leave it for some time and then vacuum.
  • Groom your Pets: –

    To keep your pets safe from fleas, it is essential to keep them groomed. Apart from giving them regular baths, trim their hair if possible, in the summer season, cut their nails timely and use flea shampoo at least once a week to give them a thorough bath. Pets can also swallow fleas and can develop worms in their stomach. Give them a proper flea treatment after consulting the veterinary doctor to keep them immune from flea infection.
    Itching, chewing or licking things more than normal is a sign that your pet is infested with fleas and needs proper treatment. Make sure to give thorough baths to your pet even when it doesn’t like too much water.
  • Kill Larvae: –

    Attack at the source by killing larvae. Wash belongings of your pet on a regular basis to keep the growth of eggs and larvae in check. And if the pet sleeps with you or any other family member then clean the mattress and change the bed sheets thoroughly.
    Also, keep outdoor areas neat and clean. Mow the grass regularly and keep the size of shrubs short to prevent exponential breeding of fleas. Remove unnecessary things lying outside including woods, old tools, broken toys and dysfunctional automobile to make the space clutter-free. Use flea repellents on areas which are more likely to be infested by fleas.
Expert Flea Control
Expert Flea Control

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