Possum Removal: Know the Laws and Regulations

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Possum is the size of a domestic cat. Furthermore, possums are marsupials with silver-grey fur. Possums can also be observed on the ground. At the same time, they prefer to stay in the trees. Possums are nocturnal pests, they tend to sleep in the daytime and come out in the night in silence. They mostly like to consume garden plants and fruits. Thus, Possums are an Australian fauna. Next, the Brushtail possum and Ringtail possum are the two most common species of possum found in houses. On one hand, possums can be a havoc for residence but when it comes to the ecosystem, possums are beneficial in controlling other pests like insects and rodents. They also tend to keep the roadway clean by being the carrion eater.

How to control the possums from affecting your property?

·        Cover the openings: The vents and openings having access to your home should be covered. Also, make sure to inspect the holes in the windows and doors and close them.

·        Protect food: Pay attention to the food sources attracting the possum. Your home and yards might have some sources of food that possum finds tempting. Also, keep the dust bins covered and never allow the fruit to fall in the yard or have netting to avoid so.

·        Chemical repellent: The Possums can also be controlled by chemical repellent. The smell of some chemicals like Ammonia disturbs them. Also, the smell of garlic and mothballs can keep them away from your property structure.

·        Trapping: You can also control the possum by trapping them. Hence, set the trap in the area, in or around your house where the possum often visits. Some suitable possum attracting baits can be vegetables, berries, fruits, etc.

Possum Management Policy:

Possums tend to harm the roof cavities of any kind of property be it a residence, apartment, or any commercial. Thus, maintaining the damaged roof condition is the only effective measure to avoid the possum’s havoc. The possums are regulated and highly protected in NSW. Therefore, the Department of Planning, Industry, & Environment permits the license to an individual or industry to catch and release the possum to alleviate the damage to any property.

Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016:

Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 allows the license holder to catch and release the possum legally for any type of property like residential or commercial as per the agreement of the Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment. Hence, the possum handlers ensure the protection of animal welfare and human safety as per the terms and conditions of the license. Hence, the Acts ensure the license with the condition to avoid injury to the animal, catch and release possum, and hence specifies the conditions mentioned below:

·        The Possum should be captured live and should be relocated to a safe place meant for possums. As per the research, dumping the Possum in areas like local parks from the point of original capture point can affect the possum’s survival.

·        The rules for releasing possums should be at the time of sundown. Next, they should be released at a distance of not more than 150 meters off the point where they have been trapped. Also, make sure to release them near the area with trees around so that they can climb like on a tree so that they can survive. Also, you can call for the professional team of possum trappers licensed by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). 

Thus, protecting your property against the possum attack is vital. Hence, effective yet safe measures should be undertaken. On the other hand, the rules and regulations stated by Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Possum Management Policy have also taken initiative to protect the lives of possums that assure their saved life and your safe residences too. Simultaneously, the possum removal services have been a great rescue for catching possums safely and protecting your ambience.

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