Tips to Getting Rid of Ants from your Home

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Ants generally come to your premises in search of food when their natural habitat is destroyed. Once ants come to your place it is difficult for the homeowner to get rid of them. They come uninvited and can get into everything.

Ant Pest Control Service
Ant Pest Control Service

Easy Tips to Get Rid of Ants

It is advised to every homemaker to maintain a good sanitation practice at home. An Ant infestation is an annoying problem for the homemaker. For an effective pest control Springrange and to stop them from coming back, consider following checkpoints.

  1. Keep Your House Clean
  2. Eliminate Damp Spots and Rotted Wood
  3. Set Ant Baits
  4. Make the Outdoors Appealing
  5. Stay Away From Sprays
  • Keep Your House Clean:

    We know very well that ants get attracted to stuff like sugar, cookies, protein, and other snack items. We see they particularly gravitate toward sugary liquids like honey, maple syrup, and soda. They maintain a colony and come in hundreds. So do clean your place and quickly and clean up spills before they come. It is better to keep all food in airtight containers. 
  • Remove Damp Spots and Rotted Wood:

    Often it has been seen that carpenter ants prefer damp areas to stay. So be careful with the places like showers, and windows. You need to take extra care of the basement and other damp areas. Leaks should be fixed and the water-damaged area should be repaired. Carpenter ants will only tunnel through wood. So, old wood and water area should need more cleaning attention. 
  • Set Ant Baits:

    You can try a few different brands of baits until you find a suitable one for your particular colony. It is the most effective method to control an ant infestation through using ant baits. Also, kill the larvae including the ants. This will help you in controlling their population. 
  • Make the Outdoors Appealing:

    Keep your premises clean and free from ant-attacked plants, particularly tropical varieties, which are very appealing to ants. When you spray outdoor plants for aphids, it also kills off an outdoor food source for ants. Thus the ants are directed toward your home in search of other sources of food.
  • Stay Away From Sprays:

    Do not apply a bug barrier spray to discourage ant entry to your premises. This, however, does not work on all types of ants. Rather it contains chemicals that are endocrine-disrupting compounds that can be hazardous for the children and adults in the home.

The manual tip like spraying vinegar near baseboards, and on kitchen countertops generally works. Do take care of the cracks and leaks in the wall of the house. This discourages ants to come. Perform spraying vinegar several times a day to get the best outcome. Following the manual solution and tips though important but is not a permanent solution to the issue.

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